I’m Interviewing For Clients

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I’M INTERVIEWING FOR CLIENTS. Let’s talk over coffee!

Let me help you tell your brand’s story. Together we will implement a plan to manifest the best results. Using each of our strengths, we’ll build a foundation to grow on with attainable goals. We’ll align your focus and create a marketing strategy for spreading the good word and connecting to the right people. I want to understand the reason for what you do and what sets you apart. Immersion into your world is clarity in mine.

I’m connected to a team of talented professionals including artistic photographers, creative Chefs and successful restauranteurs. I have the luxury of observing and learning from some of Houston’s most talented Chefs and industry experts. In the last six months I delved into the world of urban farmers — East End Houston will soon be coined the Urban Ag District (that’s the goal) — and am working closer with the farm community toward a goal of providing healthy, quality food by way of a neighborhood mobile market and through reviving crops and gardens with naturally nutritious soil that provides us with what we need to live and heal holistically as humans.

I enjoy working with those who to seek to put out good, most often in the hospitality and lifestyle industries. My experience includes food trucks, a mobile neighborhood farmer’s market, and restaurants; as well as a holistic healer and acupuncturist; a wedding coordinator; and urban farmers. I’d like to hone my focus on food and natural healing. Don’t get me wrong – I still love the occasional pizza pie and trip for frozen yogurt with all the toppings.

A solid communications plan should incorporate PR and put grassroots & social media marketing to work in all the right places, unique to what’s beneficial for your goals and community. Send me an email or contact me here. Tell me how I can help. Let’s get together and talk over coffee. I look forward to hearing from you.

Marie Elgamal (POP Studios PR — marie@popstudiospr.com)


Facebook: www.facebook.com/POPStudiosPR/
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